Mental Health


Mental health care needs are on the rise with more and more people suffering in silence. Depression is one form of mental health care that people tend to ignore because of the stigma associated with this type diagnosis. There are many causes of depression including the death of a family member, break up of marriage, and failing health. Many people see this condition as a weakness that can be prevented, but this is far from the truth.

Depression is a chemical imbalance which causes a person to feel blue and downtrodden. If left untreated it can lead to thoughts of suicide. Many people usually hide their feelings because they don’t want the public to know they are ill. People who suffer from depression often feel worthless, and they think nobody cares about them. Some people will begin spending more and more time in bed sleeping, and they may experience a loss of appetite. Mental health care intervention can be a big help towards restoring normal day to day functions.

The Need For Understanding

People suffering from mental health problems have an additional need for compassion and understandingfhbfhfb. The stigma of mental health care is a big part of the problem of escalating mental health illness cases. Mental health workers are looked upon as “shrinks, ” and most people will try to avoid them. The public has to be enlightened about mental health and the needed care that goes with it. Offering understanding is the priority in getting help for that friend or loved one. Showing that person you understand they are ill and not “crazy” is an important step. Giving support can go a long way towards helping that person heal.

Seeking Help

If you or someone you know has a mental illness, it is important to understand that there is help available. Mental health care can provide emotional support and help with understanding and treatment. Counseling can help the patient explore the reasons for their feelings and get those feelings out in the open. Once those feelings are faced head on there is a real hope of healing.

Some people will need the added support of anti-depressants to help them get back on their feet. Often these drugs can be taken on a temporary basis. With the support of counseling and anti-depressants, the patient can return to a normal life much sooner than they expect. Once people approach mental health care as being an illness instead of a stigma they can begin the healing process without having to worry how other people think.